Neil Fatin


Photographic Art

Using the camera and the modern darkroom (the computer and software) as tools, the artist creates images that evoke a sense of place or event as well as expressing content and emotion. He controls and adjusts the images until he has created a unique result, personalized by the hand of the artist to contain new and often different meaning than the first captured photograph.

Neil always remains inspired by the interplay of life, nature and light.


Australian born Neil Fatin emigrated to Vancouver Island with his wife and family approximately 25 years ago.

Neil has had a life long interest in photography but mainly as a hobby until his retirement several years ago. Neil is entirely self taught, picking up skills from personal experience, experimentation and reading.

Neil has exhibited his art widely, including the Sooke and Sidney Fine Art Shows, Cowichan Valley Arts Council Showcase of the Arts, Ladysmith Fine Art Show, “Click 07″ and “Click 08″. Neil has wond many awards at various shows both in Canada and around the world.

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